“The LWEA/LWSD contract contains information that affects your working conditions every day.  If you have questions regarding a specific issue, be sure to check the contract to see what resolution has already been negotiated.”

Kevin Teeley, LWEA President

LWEA Update: News you can use!

  • LWEA UPDATE - Did you know these things are in your contract?

    By October 1, the principal will seek input from interested staff regarding the building budget. Principals will distribute finalized copies of the building budget, including carryover, and will hold a meeting to discuss the final budget by November 15. (Section 10.10)

    The staff handbook at each building must contain a copy of the building’s decision making model. (Section 10.12)

    Except during periods of inclement weather or an emergency, elementary teachers will not be assigned supervision of students before or after school or during the AM, PM, and noon recesses, or during the loading and unloading of buses. (Section 12.4.3)

    During periods of inclement weather when it becomes necessary to call a rainy day recess, buildings will have written procedures in place. Such procedures will attempt to minimize assigning teachers for supervision. (Section 12.4.4)

    Whenever an employee is asked by an administrator to cover a class because no substitute is available, the employee will be compensated at his/her hourly rate for any missed planning time. (Section 12.8)

    Each middle and high school building will receive 30 minutes per FTE classroom teacher per week of instructional assistant (IA) time. The building staff must decide each year how to allocate this time. (Section 13.3.2)

    A committee of teachers chosen by the staff will meet with the principal by October 1 to provide input regarding scheduling, duration, and content of staff meetings. This information will be shared with all staff. (Section 14.4)

    Staff meetings are most effectively used for discussion and decision-making regarding important educational issues. Whenever possible, routine information will be communicated electronically or by other appropriate means. (Section 14.4)

    Except for emergencies or exceptional circumstances, no more than an average of 2 hours per month will be scheduled for required staff meetings. (Section 14.4)
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  • Bargaining input meetings have started!

    This year is the last year of a four-year contract with the district. We’ll be spending a major part of the school year gathering input from you and negotiating a new contract that will begin in August 2017.

    Starting today and continuing through December, the LWEA President and members of the bargaining team will be holding meetings in every building. They’ll also hold separate meetings for each special interest group, for a total of 60 input meetings altogether.

    It’s very important for you to attend your building and/or special interest group meeting so the bargaining team can hear directly from you. Your thoughts and opinions are extremely important in developing the bargaining agenda.

    In August, the LWEA Bargaining Team and Executive Committee met for three days to study all the input LWEA has received over the past three years. This included all anecdotal information we received from individual members, as well as the more formalized input we received from your building reps last May.

    We’ll be compiling all that with the information we receive from you this fall at your building and special interest group meetings. We’ll use that information to develop an all-member survey as well.

    Here’s the tentative timeline for contract negotiations:

    Sept.-Dec. Building meetings and special interest group meetings
    January LWEA all-member survey
    February 1-3 Joint District-Association bargaining training
    March-May Negotiations
    May 15-19 Sequestered bargaining
    May 23 Tentative agreement presented to Rep Assembly
    May 24 General Membership Meeting
    May 24-31 Voting

    Building reps will be notifying you when your building meeting is scheduled. Meetings for special interest groups will be held at the LWEA office—use this link to see the schedule.
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  • Newbie Nights: A professional development series for newer teachers

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about how to engage that reluctant learner or handle a difficult parent? Do you often wonder if you’ll ever not be so tired? Or how on earth you are ever supposed to get everything done with the limited amount of time in the day? Then this series of professional development opportunities is just for you.

    LWEA is sponsoring 6 evening sessions designed specifically for teachers with 6 or fewer years of teaching experience.

    We’ll provide you with hospitality, dinner, and an opportunity to hear from experts on various topics as they share strategies for surviving your first few years in the classroom.

    Please join us in connecting and collaborating with others new to the profession. Find out how LWEA, WEA, and NEA can help support you in your profession.

    Our introductory session this year will include a panel of experienced classroom teachers who will be available to share strategies and techniques for the classroom. From engaging reluctant learners to navigating the challenges of new curriculum, these colleagues will answer your questions and help you build a support system for a successful year.

    October 6, 2016 (4:30 - 7:00 PM)

    More than Alphabet Soup:
    Understanding your new profession and the acronyms that it brings with it
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