Make Your Voice Heard!

Help Elect Manka Dhingra to 45th State Senate Seatmanka

Together, LWEA members can make a huge difference in the upcoming election.  We can remove one of the major obstacles to fully funding public schools - a one vote Republican majority in the State Senate. By flipping the 45th Senate seat and electing pro-public education, pro-worker candidate Manka Dhingra, we will be taking the first step to unlocking the gridlock in Olympia.

Manka is endorsed by the Washington Education Association, women’s and civil rights groups, environmental organizations, and those who are concerned with the one vote Senate Republican majority which has strangled progress in our state.  Voters in Woodinville, Redmond, and Kirkland (the 45th Legislative District) will start voting in mid-October and our doorbelling will be key to Manka winning this election.

This is tech country---the most educated legislative district in Washington!   They respect education and educators, and will welcome you!

We’ll talk to voters who support public schools and educators, but might not vote unless we remind them. Democracy is not a spectator sport - it takes each of us reaching out and connecting with voters around the issues. Help elect a candidate that will fight for us, our schools, and an economy that works for everyone.

Invite others from your school, or family and friends to join you.

We’ll doorbell in pairs after a short “training” Saturday at 10 AM. You will receive your one of a kind “Educators for Manka” campaign T-shirt. You will have the option of using the traditional paper and pencil walk list or the new mini VAN (Voter Activation Network) on your cell phone. After you have completed your list, you will return to headquarters to enjoy lunch and celebrate a job well done.  

  • You can add your name to other WEA members who have endorsed Manka Dhingra by clicking here.
  • You can sign up for doorbelling Saturdays by clicking here.
  • To stay in the know, Text MANKA to 41411 and we will send you updates about the candidate and campaign through election day.

Are you Registered to Vote?vote button

If you have recently moved or changed your name, now is a good time to make sure your voter registration is up to date. Also, check with all of the other members of your family that are over 18 and make sure that they too are registered and ready to vote in the upcoming November elections.

  • Register ONLINE today! All you need is a Washington State Driver's License or Washington ID Card is needed. REGISTER ONLINE HERE

  • The deadline to register, either online or by mail, is October 9 for the upcoming election which includes School Boards, City Mayors, City and County Councils, and the 45th State Senate seat representing Woodinville, Kirkland, and Redmond.
  • If you have any questions, call the Washington State Secretary of State at 1-800-448-4881 or go to
  • Register to vote today. Millions of Americans sacrificed, fought, and died to create our democracy. Women and African Americans struggled for decades to win the right to vote. In many states, voting is still a struggle. If we don't use our democratic rights, we will lose them. Spread the word.

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is a voluntary political action committee made up of NEA members from around the nation. Every dollar contributed to a candidate, a political party, or independent expenditures is voluntarily given. NEA does not use dues dollars for this purpose. Just as the NEA Fund relies on small contributions from thousands of members, the NEA candidate recommendation process is driven by NEA membership. NEA never recommends or endorses a candidate for federal office without the support of State Association leaders.

Endorsements for federal offices can be found on the NEA Fund site.

WEA-PAC is also a voluntary political action committee that focuses on supporting state and local candidates who advocate for pro-public education and pro-teacher legislation. This year, WEA-PAC held an endorsement convention, with educators from across the state who gathered to listen to state level candidates, ask questions, debate and ultimately, make recommendations..  

For a complete list of WEA-PAC recommendations and what WEA members had to say about them, visit the OurVoice website.

Candidates for legislative district races were also interviewed by teams of WEA-PAC members in their local areas. You can find a list of endorsed legislative candidates and information about each candidate's stance on union rights and other issues by visisting