Salary Information

MoneyDo you know how much money you make?

Knowing and understanding your rate of pay is important. Below you will find the current salary schedules, a total compensation chart and information about how to read your "paycheck" (direct deposit statement). Take a moment each month to review this important information and contact us if you need help deciphering what it all means.

Total Compensation 2021-22

Total Compensation 2020-21

Total Compensation 2019-20

Total Compensation 2018-19

Total Compensation 2017-18

The Total Compensation document shows your actual salary with adjustments made for minimum base salary requirements as outlined in state law.

Salary Schedule 2021-22

Salary Schedule 2020-21

Salary Schedule 2019-20

Salary Schedule 2018-19

Salary Schedule 2017-18

Salary Schedule 2016-17

The Salary Schedule document shows the locally bargained base prior to the state minimum adjustment being applied. Please see the footnote # for cells that are impacted on the schedule.

Know How to Read Your Paycheck

There are many different boxes on your electronic pay stub. This document will help you make sense of these terms so that you can check the accuracy of your monthly pay.