Election Resources for Educators

Election 2020 Educator Resources

This is a perfect time to get our students involved in the history in the making that we are experiencing daily.  This page is a collection of resources to support you in addressing political or controversial topics in your classroom equitably and responsibly.  If you find additional sources that are excellent support for this kind of work, please feel free to reach out to Martha Daman mdaman@lwsd.org.

Classroom Law Project Website:  The 2020 presidential election is already shaping up to be one of the most intense of the last few decades. We at Classroom Law Project are pleased to offer you a series of lessons targeted to middle and high school level grades to help you and your students sort through this year’s election issues.

Our theme is WHY VOTING MATTERS – and in addition to covering the Oregon gubernatorial race and how our initiative system works, we have focused this year on other crucial electoral issues including: 

o   Tips for teaching in polarized times

o   Electing a president and the characteristics of a good leader

o   Direct democracy, Oregon’s initiative process, and surveying proposed 2020 intiatives

o   Voting Rights, Voter Access, & Gerrymandering

o   Voter Turnout

o   A culminating classroom hearing about why voting matters

PBS News Hour Extra “News for Students and Teacher Resources Grade Level 6-12”

This is a site created and maintained by PBS News Hour to support teachers and students work with current events and civics.

Facing History and Ourselves “Preparing Students for Difficult Conversations”

Facing History and Ourselves is a website source for teachers who are interested in teaching students about American History in a clear, accurate, equitable and proactive way.  This first lesson is part of a series of 11 lessons that were created to support teachers working with students to process and understand the murder of George Ferguson.  It would be a fantastic lesson to do with classes as a preparation for any difficult conversations that are going to come up during the year.  It may also be a lesson you want to revisit as well.

KQED Learn 

Students want to talk about real issues.

KQED Learn is a free platform for middle and high school students to tackle big issues and build their media literacy and critical thinking skills in a supportive environment. (6-12)

WEA 2020 Elections  This is a page on our WEA website under the “OurVoice” tab.  This is a page that provides educators with some information that can help to bring perspective to this year’s election season.

Resources to Engage Students in Election 2020

·The New York Times: Election 2020: 11 Ways to Engage Students From Now Until November

·The New York Times: Election 2020: Teach and Learn With the 2020 Election

·Classroom Law Project: 2020 Election Resources

·Teaching Tolerance: Voting and Elections: Resources for a Civil Classroom

·PBS: The Election Collection

·National Education Association: Elections Resources