Equity work is the work of educators

LWEA Equity Team Mission Statement:

The Mission of the LWEA Equity Team is to empower educators, both individually and collectively to dismantle racial injustice and systemic racism in the LWSD, our schools, our community, and our profession. 

We Envision:  

  • A district, school, and community free from systemic racism.  
  • Schools free from the opportunity gap  
  • Schools where all educators’ cultures, histories, languages, abilities, and identities are able to thrive 
  • Preparing all students to be critical consumers of the world so they can create a more just and equitable society 


Our purpose as members of the Equity Team is to advise, assist, and advocate: 

·        Advise 

This team will suggest prioritizing strategies for a Race and Equity Policy of the LWEA and LWSD. Suggestions are designed to improve the outcomes of the policy. Advice could include but are not limited to advising LWEA on how and what to include in bargaining for racial equity, advising equity teams, consulting with the professional development team, hiring and retaining a diversified staff.   

·        Assist 

Assisting Building reps by providing resources to support members, assist equity teams with professional development, resources to operate, and in aligning their processes across the district. Provide assistance with individual racial equity growth. Assist in supporting Affinity groups. Support the LWSD Equity Department in their actions and goals. 

·        Advocate 

The committee will hold LWEA and LWSD accountable for equity issues, equity training by monitoring their progress and process of equity, and diversity work. We will advocate for an anti-racism curriculum such as the 1619 project, for pre-k-12 ethnic studies programs, and for embedding the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. We will support and advocate for identifying organizations and/or community resources, talking to legislators, speaking for equity-based strategies at board meetings. Advocate for a racial equity audit and a racial equity lens as part of the climate and culture within LWSD and LWEA.