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Changes to Washington Voter Registration Laws and Questions About Voting

New to the State?  Not registered to vote?  It’s easy!  Last year, Washington state passed a number of new laws to ensure every person eligible to vote in Washington is able to participate in our elections.  These changes include:

Same-Day Voter Registration:  Same day voter registration allows a citizen to register to vote any time before 8 pm on the day of an election at in-person voting centers. In most counties, the in-person voting center will be at the county auditor’s office. King County, due to its size, will be required to have an additional voting center in presidential election years. Check your county Auditor's office for specific locations on where to register on the day of an election.

Future Voter Registration:  Future voters can preregister any time after their 16th birthday until eight days before the first election after their 18th birthday. A qualifying future voter can preregister online, by mail, through the DMV or in person and will be added to the voter rolls with a “pending” or “pre-registration” status. Upon turning 18, the individual will have their pending status removed and will be able to cast a ballot.

Automatic Voter Registration:  Beginning July 2019, the Department of Licensing will automatically register Washingtonians applying for or updating an enhanced driver’s license, which requires proof of citizenship. Voters will be informed about the automatic registration process given the opportunity to “opt-out.” The Health Benefit Exchange will provide a pre-filled registration form using information sourced from their HBE account. Users will be given the option to “opt-in” to registration and have their completed form submitted to the Secretary of State’s office.

**Register Online

You can register online, 24 hours a day, at the Washington Secretary of State's website.

To register online, you will need:

  • A current Washington State driver license, or
  • A current Washington State ID card

If you do not have either of these, you can still register by mail or in-person (assuming COVID -19 is under control and the office is open).

**Register by Mail

Download and print a voter registration form and mail it to King County Elections. Forms are available in many languages.

**Register in Person

You can register to vote in-person at the King County Elections Office in Renton or at a Vote Center.

You can also register to vote at one of our community events.