"Educators deserve pay raises. Educators deserve good benefits. Educators deserve protected planning time. Educators deserve work/life balance. Educators deserve fully-funded schools. Educators deserve more. Educators deserve better."

Becky Pringle, NEA President

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  • Welcome to LWEA

    The Lake Washington Education Association takes great pride in serving the needs of our members. We are the bargaining unit made up of 2,000 teachers, counselors, library media specialists, school psychologists, SLPs, OTs, PTs, and other Support Specialists in the Lake Washington School District. We understand that our students' learning conditions are our members' working conditions.

    Through LWEA's Executive Committee, Building Reps, Officers, and countless members who volunteer their time to support their fellow members, we advocate for the legal, professional, contractual, and human rights of our members; serve as an integral part of educational decision making in the District; promote the professional growth of our members; and foster increased community support for and involvement in public education.

    If you are not already a member, please accept my invitation to become a member of LWEA. If you are currently a member, please accept my thanks for all you do to support our students and our community. Membership enrollment forms are available from the building reps at your school, online in the Membership section, or by contacting the LWEA office.

    On this website you will find a variety of information describing how LWEA works and how you can become an active participant. In addition, we have information regarding various aspects of your employment - salary schedules, calendars, leaves, student discipline, an explanation of the days in your working calendar, and our LWEA sponsored professional development.

    Once again, welcome to our community of educators. We look forward to working with you to make our schools the best they can be and to make your teaching experience in the District a successful and positive one. We look forward to working with you.

    Katie Badger, President
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  • LWEA WEA-PAC endorses Melissa Demyan for 45th LD State Rep, Positon 2

    LWEA educators know that our students’ learning conditions are our members’ working conditions. Because our elected leaders make so many decisions that directly impact our schools, our students, and our profession, it’s crucial that we elect public officials that understand and support educators. Many of us know from experience what a difference it can make to have — or not have — people in the state Legislature who put our students’ needs first. That’s why WEA-PAC members in our area routinely get together to take a hard look at who’s asking to represent us during election years.

    After reviewing candidates’ questionnaires and holding interviews, LWEA WEA-PAC members voted to endorse Melissa Demyan for 45th LD State Representative, Pos. 2.

    Melissa is in a contested election and every vote will matter to help elect her. This race is incredibly important, so please be sure to return your ballot as soon as it arrives!

    Want to know who else in your area earned a recommendation from WEA members? Please check out more endorsements and information about the endorsement process and WEA-PAC here.
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  • LWEA Executive Committee Calls for Action on Racial Equity in our District

    The Lake Washington Education Association stands with Black students, Black families, and Black colleagues in our schools. We condemn racial violence and racial bias; we are committed to dismantling institutional racism, racial prejudice, and white supremacy culture in our schools, in our organization, and in our communities; and we are calling for urgent action from our elected school board. While we seek to meet mutual interests, we are compelled by the pain of our Black and Brown community members and colleagues to act and demand change. The Executive Committee is formulating a plan, to be released in advance of the June 22 school board meeting, calling for immediate and explicit policy actions by our school board that result in concrete and sustained changes to ensure that our schools are actively anti-racist and equitable for our students.

    Black Lives Matter.
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