LWEA-LWSD Contract 2021-2023

LWEA-LWSD Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract) for the 2021-2023 school years

CBA Cover

The Lake Washington Education Association and the Lake Washington School District have negotiated this agreement in an effort to establish a positive teaching, learning, and working envitornment in our schools where every student is future ready, prepared for college, prepared for the global workplace, prepared for personal success.

CBA includes information regarding work year, work day, employee rights and responsibilities, class size/case load, non-instructional duties and travel, academic freedom, student discipline, leaves, salaries and benefits, transfer and reassignment, retention, lay-off, and recall, evaluation, conflict resolution, calendars, as well as many others.

If you have questions about the Collective Bargaining Agreement please contact the LWEA office for assistance. You may also find the summary documents found under My Publications helpful. These documents are intended to help members understand specific sections of the contract that are the frequent subject of questions.

To review the 2017-2021 contract and changes, visit the archive.