Our local endorsements

WEA-PAC recommends and helps to elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. As part of WEA-PAC, our local makes non-partisan recommendations in races for statewide, legislative and local offices. Candidates seeking our endorsement must complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with our WEA-PAC board who then makes a recommendation for the candidates who will stand up for us and our students.  

This August, four of our very own LWEA members (Shaina Langley, Martha Daman, Lucas Shannon, and Emily Martin) interviewed cadidates for elected office.

Click here to see a list of all 2023 WEA-endorsed candiates state-wide.

  • LWEA endorses Janel Schermerhorn for Lake Washington School Board Position 5. Janel comes from a long line of educators and has a background in organizational management that will be a great benefit to this role. We are excited about Janel's vision for technology literacy, equity and inclusion, and improving mental health supports in schools. Janel has shown a willingness to build lasting relationships with LWEA and a commitment to bringing our priorities to the board.

  • LWEA endorses Lindsey Yocum for Lake Washington School Board Position 5. Lindsey is a former Lake Washington School District educator and is passionately committed to supporting teachers in fully inclusive schools. She has worked tirelessly to make connections with school board members and advocate for teacher input on matters that directly impact students. Lindsey is a strong candidate with deep roots in our community.

  • LWEA endorses Osman Salahuddin for Redmond City Council. His deep ties to the community, advocacy work, and strong policy goals make him a great asset and partner in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for our students.

  • LWEA endorses Amy Falcone as the incumbent for Kirkland City Council Position 6. Amy is a passionate advocate for safe schools and providing more opportunities for teachers to live where they work. She is excited about building relationships with LWEA educators and hopes to formalize a process for communication with educators. We are looking forward to the partnerships and positive change that Amy Falcone will continue to foster through her work on Kirland City Council.

  • LWEA endorses John Tymczyszyn for Kirkland City Council Position 4. John's background in civil rights law and his work on the Planning Commission for Kirkland make him the perfect candidate to partner with on affordable housing. As a father and husband to a former teacher, John is committed to helping create affordable housing for current educators and future workers.

  • LWEA endorses Amber Wise for King County District 2 Hospital Commissioner Position 6. Amber is both a union member and a mom of two preschool boys who understands the importance of having access to mental health supports. She views the role of Hospital Commissioner as an opportunity to better serve the community by providing more supports in schools and offering classes that directly connect to best practices in education and parenting.

As you consider these WEA-PAC endorsements, remember that we must remain active and involved. Washington State has not remained a pro-labor, pro-public education state becuse of good will or luck. It is becauase members like you have become involved and active in legislative action. Consider joining WEA-PAC or increasing your monthly deduction.

We have a very big election season in 2024. It will take all of us working together to make that a winning election season for public schools and labor!