Benefits of Membership

Membership gives you the benefit of strength in numbers and a connection with other educators who believe in the promise of public education. Together, we stand strong for our students and for our profession. As a member of the Lake Washington Education Association (LWEA), you are also a member of the Washington Education Association and the National Education Association. Together we work to represent you at the local, state, and national levels. Your membership comes with many benefits other benefits as well that can save you money or give you peace of mind.

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Voice and Vote:  Your membership entitles you to a voice and vote in all Association activities and business, which also includes contract negotiations and ratification.

Educator Employment Liability Insurance Through NEA you have access to professional liability insurance through the EEL program. The program is completely dues-funded; you pay no separate fee. EEL is designed to protect you — whether you're a classroom teacher or support professional — from personal financial liability for most incidents arising out of your educational employment activities or duties. You can find your Certificate of Insurance here. For more information check out the 2022-2023 Liability Insurance Q&A. To file a claim, use the EEL Liability Claim Form.

Legislature:  Full-time lobbyists help ensure your views are heard at the state and national level and that you are informed about what is taking place during the legislative session. To stay up to date on the latest happenings check out OurVoice, the WEA political action page.

NEA Member Benefits:  Designed just for NEA members—you can access discounts, tools, purchasing power, and much more.   Go to

Professional Development:  The Association works to enhance your skills through caucus meetings, workshops, conferences, and forums on important topics, allowing participants to earn clock hours and/or credits. Check out classes being offered by WEA and LWEA on the Events and Training tab.

Legal Assistance:  You are entitled to two free 30-minute sessions each school year and a 30% discount on attorney fees with network attorneys for personal matters which include:  real estate, wills, and estate, domestic relations, consumer protection, and traffic violations. For more information and a list of participating law firms click here.

Credit Card Program, Line of Credit, and Credit Plan:  These programs can only be accessed by NEA members and are aimed at meeting the needs of educational employees. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Home Financing Programs:  NEA members can access this program when they are ready to purchase a home or when refinancing the home they currently own.  Home equity loans are also available.  The program offers competitive rates, substantial savings, and free mortgage counseling services. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Investment Services:  NEA offers Money Market Accounts, Gold Certificate CD Programs, and tax-deferred annuities. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Retirement Solutions:  You can choose from a variety of diversified investments that can help you build a more substantial retirement nest egg faster than with taxable, short-term investments.  These programs have been created for NEA members only. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Insurance Programs:  You have access to a variety of insurance plans created just for educators which can help you get homeowners, auto, travel and accident, life, and mortgage protection. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Discounts:  Your membership will entitle you to discounts for entertainment centers, travel, car rentals, appliance purchases, car buying, local restaurants, magazine service, cellular phone service, and airport parking. Find out more on the NEA Member Benefits website.

Position Listing Service:  Members can access a listing of current job postings in Washington schools and colleges.